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How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Devices (without TPM 2.0)

Table of Contents

Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Devices

Windows 11

Windows 11 will bring you closer to what you love when the PC plays a more important role in our lives.

Windows has long served as a global innovation platform. It’s where scrappy companies are named after households, and it’s the backbone of global companies. The internet was born and grew up on Windows. Many of us have written our first email, played our first computer game, and coded the first line. Windows is a platform for people to create, connect, learn and achieve – a platform used by more than a billion people today.

We don’t take the responsibility of lightly designing so many people. We went from the PC into our lives to try to fit our whole life on the PC for the last 18 months. Our phones were not just for conferences, lectures, and things are done; they were also where we went for games with friends, watch our favorite shows, and perhaps most importantly, interact with each other. We digitally replicated office conversations, hallways, workouts, happy times, and holidays during the process.

The transition from something useful and useful to something personal and emotional was profound on the PC we saw and felt. This is why we have created the next Windows iteration. To provide you with a familiar environment where you can create, learn, play, and, above all, connect in new ways.

Microsoft is honored and pleased to present you with Windows 11, the operating system that brings you closer to your interests.

We have simplified design and user experience to boost your productivity and stimulate your creativity. It is modern, fresh, clever and beautiful. Everything was done to control and bring a sense of peace and ease to every sound, typeface, and icon from the new Start button and Task Bar. We put Start in the center to make finding what you are looking for easier. Start uses the cloud and Microsoft 365 to view your recent files, regardless of the platform or device you used to view them, including Android and iOS devices.

Windows has always been about how you can work, with many windows and the ability to snap apps together. Snap layouts, snap groups, and desktops are all new in Windows 11, offering an even more powerful multi-task procedure that stays above what you need to do. These are new tools to help you manage your windows so that you can see exactly what you need in a visually attractive design. You may also build and adjust separate desktops to various aspects of your life, such as work desktops, gaming, and education.


So, there are 2 methods to update to windows 11.
  1. Update Windows From ISO.
  2. Update Windows Officially.

Update Windows From ISO.

First, you have to download the latest Windows ISO from UUP-DUMP
Then you have to Download This Bypass File. 
Then After that, Boot Windows 11 ISO with the help of Rufus Download.
Extract the Bypass File And Copy Them.
Goto USB Drive (Where you have booted the windows).
  1. Open Booted USB.
  2. Go to Resources Folder.
  3. Paste Files There.
After this, Install Windows normally 🙂
NOTE: If your USB doesn’t boot, then copy all your windows files from USB and past it somewhere on HDD (NOT IN SYSTEM PARTITION), then install from there.

Update From System Update.

As you know, the topic of this article “How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Devices,” but how can we install the update from Windows Update, so actually guys, you can, by Changing some registry files from your pc, the process is pretty simple. 
First, You have To Join Windows Insider Program.
Then, You have to download this file.
  1. After downloading Extract ZIP file
  2. Run Bypass.reg file as an administrator.
    Then Simply Restart your PC.
    After Restarting.
    1. Go to Windows Settings.
    2. Go to Windows Updates.
    3. Directly Update Windows From There.

Final Words

These were two alternative methods to obtain and install the Windows 11 Insider preview update on an unsupported or incompatible PC.
Do try both of these, and let me know which one works for you in the comments. Also, please continue with caution and be sure you back up any vital data. Feel free to reach out via comments in case of any issues or queries.

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