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Free RDP via Github | Use Free RDP (CPU 2core – 7GB Ram)

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Free RDP via Github

What is GitHub:

GitHub is a software development platform on which users may collaborate on the creation of software. Github is capable of much more than simply hosting source code, yet that is its principal use. You will be able to access source code from all around the world in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, as well as collaborate on your own project with other individuals from all over the world! All of this is accomplished through the use of

What is RDP:

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that allows a user to present a GUI desktop running on one Windows computer to another through a network connection. ##What is RDP? RDP is an acronym that stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. The connection can be established either directly through a cable or indirectly through a network connection such as the Internet, which offers access to graphical user interface-based apps running on the remote system, thereby facilitating collaboration.

First, you must create a GitHub account:

Even while GitHub requires a username, they provide you the option of choosing your own because it’s quite easy to alter it. In addition to a username, GitHub requires you to supply an email address so that they can send you vital information about your account and activity on the platform. After clicking Sign up for GitHub, we are led to the registration page where we can complete our registration.


Free RDP via Github (CPU 2core – 7GB Ram – 256 SSD).

Create an account on Github (Use temp email)
Click Here
Click on Fork
AVvXsEgqOp3pGzq6Sm W0KE7TeIBhdg08XTD2 AUKqRhNOjwKlWSYYyzkBqEzj6ekj0yvO116BAOzknNQk15E NewbtRrUfzkxaFxEGHkos13ux1qoolDC 9U2hKOoyRFClZdcphj Kl3k59av F4 BZApEUY3Kzr5y6MnCJf0y2YmrJMFJ2R2Bst6ZgbMG5=s320
Click on Settings => Secrets => New repository secret
AVvXsEiaMi PNk0aG0oQ3 PU9WShdnTJaZN4tpXIhz vzMvFRlp 7EezwWFrhO4Lgn7EUXF8AFxEST CV2r0E wi9ci z8ghDo1gEpxtxXvIQX33vWoCekjkgG12D0F3QyEG6H7Z5SqwDW
Create an account on Ngrok
Go to Your Authoken and copy it
Past in Value (Github) and click Add Secret
AVvXsEjjx2I8Jiis7WXKAbm8U2mYW7FM93Ti 0895 vHUEjFrvPbnB99oWKnPrSyMqWOvxsUxGflHPBn9Xl0B7yRmRvAFPpzLnKSG nH3sp8zYfPNfAQcDxT7UGmwUA5B9BNAKE
Go to actions and click on Linkstricks => click on run workflow => click on the run workflow and refresh the page after 10 seconds
Click again on Linkstricks (That has a yellow mark next to it) => Click on Build, and wait
Click on connect Ke RDP Kamu CPU 2core – 7GB Ram – 256 SSD
AVvXsEh8Kb2xVAVM5BkBe0KuXrS QyA6W 8D4PgIDyjjGrhG6hpRE9SKsEfvqmElIleiZG8NkBn6pk8 ZOs4AX0NQZmFhsbvr rc7SMZU9BEy A5ycbVtgb tLITMTB3jufst IjCLpk7RBwM3Io3n4L51W5IHAb sPtA9bt2baBfa
Now your RDP is ready you can use it on Mobile as well as on Computer.
To again use RDP you don’t need to repeat all processes, just open GitHub > goto LinkstricksRDP >
Then Goto Action > Click On Linkstricks (The one which was yellow before) > Click On re-Run Job, That’s it now you can use RDP again for 6 Hours.

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