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How to Access Free Trials without Risking Your Credit Card

Table of Contents

How to Access Free Trials without Risking Your Credit Card

Your real credit card number and details are very sensitive, providing that everywhere can lead you to bankruptcy. There are many free trials of online games and other websites also like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime that require card details. What you can do to avoid giving away your original details? There are many Credit Card generators available online. 

What will these CC generators do? These generators will create random numbers of credit cards for you with fake names, addresses, countries, etc. You will be able to put in these fake details in the prevention of providing your real one. 

You can have access to any site that requires credit card details. But these fake CC details you cannot use for purchasing purposes. These card details are not meant for shopping because they are not related to the bank balances. A mathematical process is used to produce these cards.

These card details are not invalid or illegal. You can use them safely without any risk of being charged. They can be used in multiple places. Importance of CC generators increase when it comes to online games because they more often ask you for such information. Cc generators are error-free and cost-free. They provide you options to select the company and much more according to your need. 

Working of CC generator:

People who like experimenting with different things are obsessed with this tool. They produce as many card details as they want and can use them anywhere. You must be aware that credit card generators are also known as credit card code. 

These tools can be used anywhere for free. Along with anonymous details these generators provide you unique card numbers with the same structure as the real CC. For any random subscription or online game trials, these tools will prove themselves the best gadget. 

After searching for a sequence online, the CC generator uses advanced programming language to generate a number of specific lengths. Particular mathematical rules are applied to do this whole process. 

CC generator software uses Luhn Algorithm to create credit card details. Not a proper compliance with these algorithm rules will remove the number. 

There are two main types of credit card generator that you will find online. Let’s check out them:

Single credit card generator.

Double credit card generator.

Single credit card generator: Single card number is generated in a single cc generator. If you need multiple numbers you need to enter the commands each time. It will only provide one at a time. It is best for people requiring only a single number of a credit card. 

Double credit card generator: If you are in need of more than one credit card number double cc generator is for you. In one command you can get many numbers. It is time-saving as you don’t have to make various entries. You just have to select the required figure of how many numbers you want and click generate. That’s it.

These CC generators provide you the option either to select the company directly or choose the prefix of that certain company. You can check out the table mentioned below:

Discover Card6011 622126 – 622925 624000 – 626999 628200 – 628899 64 6516 – 19
UkrCard6040 604116
Sunday60 6521 652216
InterPayment63616 – 19
InstaPayment637 – 63916
JCB3528 – 358916 – 19
Laser6304 6706 6771 670916 – 19
Maestro (UK)6759 676770 67677412 – 19
Maestro50 56 – 6912 – 19
4571 (Visa co-branded)16
MIR2200 – 220416
NPS Pridnestrovie6054740 – 605474416
MasterCard2221 – 272016
51 – 5516
Solo6334 676716 18 19
Switch4903 4905 4911 4936 564182 633110 6333 675916 18 19
Troy979200 – 97928916
Visa4 (include partner brands: Dankort Electron etc.)16
Verve506099 – 506198 650002 – 65002716 19

What each column display? 

The first column: Issuing network. 

The second column: IIN/BIN ranges.

The last column: The length.

Single cc generator will provide you one credit card number and details like shown under:


Screenshot 2B 252810 2529

And Bulk cc generator will provide more than one:


These CC generators have some features, discussed below:


Testing software: A critical feature is the cc generator’s ability to test or check card payments. If your website correctly handles credit card information can be ensured through this tool. It is time-consuming. 

CVV generation: You must have seen 3-digit number at backside of your credit card. CC generator can easily generate this code. It is considered a security code. 

Helps you save money: People can loot you easily if you provide your real card details. Many websites demands your card information to verify your identity which is very risky. CC generated details can save your money by giving you fake numbers. 

Expiry date generation: Expiry date has very vital role in validation of credit card. You can generate one with these cc generators. 

There are many tools available online let’s check them out.

Prepostseo CC generator.

Credit card generator

Cool generator

Prepostseo cc generator: 


It’s super easy and free of cost tool. You just need to enter card bank/company. Choose exp. Month and exp. Year. Write down CVV number and select quantity. After doing this all click the Generate button.

You can see the quantity selected in above picture is 5. This means it will produce 5 credit card details for you within few seconds. 



Credit card generator: 

This tool allows you to get single or bulk credit card numbers as per your need. This tool not only provides you service of generating credit cards but also verifying them through cc checker available in this tool. 

To create single credit card number choose the option “Credit Card Generator” and if you want numbers in bulk then go for “Bulk Card Generator”. You can see these options on top bar in the picture attached below.

User-friendly as well as time saving and accurate working tool. 

Cool generator:


This tool asks you to enter the following things:

Card brand

The quantity can range from 1 to as many.

Holder name yes or no.

Then just click Generate and you are done.

In the above picture selected quantity was 3 and you can see it generated 3 credit card details. These tools help you avoid risking your original card details and save you from facing any scam or robbery.

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