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5 FREE (Grammarly Alternatives) Spelling and Grammar Checker Tools for Transcription or Writing

Table of Contents

Top 5 FREE Grammarly Alternatives:

Hello everyone I like to advise you on the tools you need to pass these tests and do the transcription jobs correctly to make it as easy as possible for you

So many of you aren’t native English speakers and many of them are native English speakers but make mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar, so today I’ve done a lot of research on five free spelling and grammar checker tools.

I had to do a lot of research and find the ones I found were the best because many times when you check and look for them they keep trying to take you to Grammar which is a paid tool and yes it’s a great tool, but it can be very expensive if you know you don’t make any money and you’re not a transcriptionist yet.

Now you might ask me why I need a grammar checker if you know I’m transcribing and I’m supposed to transcribe everything they’re saying and that’s true you wouldn’t change the grammar, but sometimes grammar can also mean you’re using a word incorrectly, so maybe you’re typing it instead of then or effect instead of effect and all of these are very important so you need to make sure you’re using it.

So you might wonder how useful these tools are so they’re great tools to use while transcribing to make sure you spell words correctly and use proper punctuation, they’re also useful if you’re applying for an English job and want to make sure you’re a professional in your curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae because nobody will hire someone if their English is really bad you know you want to look at it.

They will also help you draft a professional job proposal without any mistakes, and this is helpful if you apply for a freelance job on a job or other freelancing website where you need to apply for a job in English and say why you’re good at work, these tools will help you write the proposal or cover letter correctly and more fluently and best of all, so you don’t have to. I won’t try to sell anything at the end of this article or promote any product you pay for, all five free ways you can check your punctuation and grammar.

Well, the first site is: 

so you just go ahead and type in and what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a check with the exact same little script full of errors I’ve made and I’m going to copy it and paste it in here so you’d just copy and paste anything you’ve transcribed or your cover letter or anything and you can also import a file here. I made an intentional mistake here to see if it would catch that all right so it’s done a pretty good job, there are still mistakes that it didn’t catch that it’s a mistake or that’s a mistake or that or that it’s caught a lot of things but not all that’s caught so it’s caught a lot, but you still know it could be better.

Let’s go and try the next one, and see if it’s better.

You can literally just go to reverse o-net and it will automatically take you here, so it’s great if you want to translate as well, but we’ll just use it for spell checking so we’ll right-click and paste it and then click on spell check so they’ve automatically made the changes they want to make so you can see I didn’t talk to him.

Copy and paste this one myself as before and then you’re just going to click on check your text again if you click on this arrow here, you can check if you want to correct it in any language or version of English, the default is English, so we’ll just click on check your text now.

Okay, the next I want to tell you is to use:

Google Docs

As well for their spelling and grammar checker so when you open when you go to and all you need is a Gmail account, then you’ll click on a blank and plus icon and paste your script in here and then you’ll just go to spelling and grammar spelling and grammar checking tools and then you’ll just go through the list here to tell you what they think.

Now the last tool I want to show you is my personal favorite because not only can you use it when writing emails automatically without having to copy and paste everything and this is an extension for Chrome, so first I’m showing you all these others because you can use Scribbins or or spellcheck24 or Google Docs on your mobile phone, but this next one.

Grammar and Spell Checker – languageTool.

Grammar and Spell Checker – language tool. which you can find in the Chrome extensions now I’ll link all of these but this one is an extension for Chrome so you’d have to use it on your computer and if you’ve got Google Chrome, I highly recommend downloading it so all you need to do when you go to this extension is click on Chrome to add it to your computer.

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