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Table of Contents

What is CANVA?


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Canva Pro is a service for creating content that is very helpful for those of us who have needs for various platforms such as social media and others.

The good news, this service is available in the form of applications that can be used for mobile phones with the Android and iOS operating systems, and our work can be continued using a computer by visiting through the same account.

The way it works is effortless; we choose the size of the worksheet as needed and then fill it with elements such as photos, pictures, symbols, and text.

Uses of Canva

1: Best for YouTubers

you can make here a youtube video thumbnail which can help you to attracts viewers, and this is very important for a YouTuber, so canva helps you to make a better thumbnail

2: Best for Graphic designers

As a graphics designer, you have to design various types to artworks and Graphics like Thumbnail, logo, Title E.T.C., so canva helps you to create these types of work easily with there in-built templates, in canva, you will find 10,000+ templates which gonna help you in your work

How to get Canva?

Way 1

the first way to get canva premium is to go to and purchase its package which is also too costly,



  • Secure Account
  • Privacy
  • 10000+ Templates
  • Easy to Use
  • Many more + 

Way 2

The second way to get a cookie from sites (#LikeThisSite) Using Cookie is very easy this site uploads fresh cookies of Canva and Grammarly for their users 🙂 We Care About You
Download this extension: Cookie-Editor
Use these cookies. (Not recommended)

100% Working Cookie# 1: Copy




Please Don’t log out from Canva after your work Just close your Browser

More Cookies Are Comming Soon ⌣
How We Work?
As you know that canva’s account is too costly so I buy a package of canva and uploads its cookie so that we all can use it together.


How to use Canva?


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