Play PC games on your android | how to play PC games on android for free

Play PC games on Your Android OR IOS.

Hello Guys, yes it is possible to play heavy pc games in your Smart Phones :)

I will provide you with some software that you have to install in your mobile and just start playing pc games,
today we will talk about cloud gaming which is very popular nowadays and maybe the future of the gaming industry because it is very easy to play games online, you don't need to have a high-end pc or any GPU just install any cloud gaming service and start playing, Simple.

1. Nvidia GeForce Now.

I took Nvidia GeForce Now on first because this is best for cloud gaming according to speed this service is amazing, this is the product of Nvidia which is a well-known company, they made powerful GPU's, Nvidia has two offers for their users the first one is free you can use Geforce now Free for 1 hour in a day and the second one is Paid Founders which price is $4.99USD this is better than all services but you have to own games :D

2. Vortex.GG

Vortex is a multi-platform cloud gaming service. You just connect to the Server and play on almost any kind of Internet-connected device, anywhere you go

  • can play PC games like GTA 5, Counter-Strike, and Fortnite!
  • You can play your favorite games using Vortex anywhere you want. On the way by bus, at school or work and during a business trip. You have your gaming PC in your pocket everywhere.
  • You don’t have to download, install, or update any game. You just run Vortex and play!

  • disc space is no longer your concern! Some games could take over 50GB of disc capacity, and now Vortex takes care of the storage of those monsters ;)
  • you get access to your games via many devices and platforms including Android, macOS, Windows, and Xbox.
Basic  $8.66USD per Month
Pro      $17.33USD per Month
Ultra   $25.99USD per Month 

3. Shadow

Shadow is a cloud gaming service that gives you virtual access to a beefy PC rig. With Shadow, you can switch between devices in a matter of seconds and pick up right where you left off. Google offered a demonstration of this same feature during its Stadia reveal, but Shadow did it first. That means you can jump from a laptop to tablet to phone in a single gaming session, without losing your progress.

$35 / month, $360 / year

Steam Link Steam (Win, Mac, Linux), Android, Steam Link box Your gaming PC Home network Your PC game library Free 4K 60 fps
PS4 Remote Play Windows, Mac, iOS, some Xperia phones Your PS4 15 Mbps internet Your PS4 game library Free 1080p 60 fps
Xbox App (Win 10) Windows 10 Your Xbox One Home network Your Xbox game library Free 1080p 60 fps
Remotr Window, iOS, And Android Your gaming PC Home network Your PC game library Free Any resolution
Rainway Windows, web browsers (Mac, Linux, Chrome OS) Your gaming PC Home network or 5-15 Mbps internet Your PC game library Free 1080p 60 fps
HP Omen Game Stream Any Windows 10 PC Your Omen PC Home network Your PC game library Free 1080p 60 fps
Nvidia GameStream Nvidia Shield; Moonlight app for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chrome Your gaming PC w/ GeForce GPU A home network or 5 Mbps+ internet Your PC game library Free 4K 60 fps
PlayStation Now PlayStation 4, Windows Sony's servers 5-12 Mbps internet 750-plus games added monthly $20 / month, $100 / year 720p 60 fps
Jump Windows, Mac, Linux Jump's servers 15 Mbps internet 100-plus indie games $5 / month 1080p 60 fps

Steam Link Anywhere Android, Raspberry Pi, Steam Link box Your gaming PC Internet w/ fast upload speed Your PC game library Free Any resolution (in theory)

Playkey Windows, Mac Playkey's servers 10 Mbps internet Your PC game library $35 for 70hrs, $40 for 200hrs, $45 / month unlimited 1080p 60 fps
Parsec Windows, Mac, Android, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi 3 Your gaming PC or Parsec's servers 30 Mbps Your PC game library Free, or hourly charge depending on usage Any resolution (in theory)
Google Stadia Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromecast Ultra, Pixel phones Google's servers 30 Mbps TBD (100-plus games) TBD 4K 60 fps

you just need to have a fast internet connection, I hope this will have you if you don't have a faster internet so sorry brother this trick is not for you, you need at least 5 to 10 Mbps internet speed if you have faster then it will be best


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